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On Striving for Success…

For a large portion of my life, I felt that I had to do something BIG to be “successful” – to have “made it”. I think this stems from watching my parents succeed at business (then lose it all, then come back again, but that’s another story). I’ve come a long way since then, and thankfully that success didn’t land in my lap at a point in my life where it would have been more destructive than good.

I’ve been around the ultra wealthy, many of whom show significant signs of unhappiness and dis-ease. This is not to say that one cannot be financially wealthy and be happy – but it’s clear proof to me that money cannot make a person happy when that person does not have a foundation of happiness to build upon.

The reason for writing this today…is that I recently read a post from someone that felt as though it was coming from a place of sheer desperation. The desperation was caused by the striving for “success”, why they haven’t yet attained it… They’re trying everything, doing everything they’re supposed to do, but it still not there… Still not happening yet. Why have so many others ‘made it’ and they haven’t yet.

I could FEEL the desperation. I was able to understand where the author was coming from – I’ve felt aspects of that in my own life at times.

When you’re in that place, it’s hard to be a happy person. You are often filled with a certain amount of jealousy. You absolutely cannot be happy when someone else is successful while you’re still struggling.

In the startup space, there is a LOT of striving for success going on.

In the ‘coaching’ space, there is this sense that if you’re not STRIVING and WORKING toward your dreams, then something is broken in your life.. that you NEED something more. That your dreams have to be HUGE or they’re not worth going after.

Here’s the real issue with all the perspectives above…and this is the TRUTH:


YOU are successful because of the person you are, because of how you choose to show up in the world, both how you handle the most difficult situations of your life, as well as how you handle the greatest times…Success is the embodiment of your deepest values, made real in this world through you.

As a coach, I don’t easily classify myself into the typical categories that you hear about…life, business, lifestyle design, performance… maybe personal success is the closest match.

Still, one could at times call what I do ‘business’ coaching, in the sense that a.) it is what the client ‘needed’, but, more importantly, b.) the deeper inner transformation of the person inherently overcomes fear, while manifesting motivation, drive, creative vision, optimism, passion, hope… PURPOSE, which then makes success that much easier.

When you do the inner work on yourself, the outer world – your status, possessions, material things, all that… becomes irrelevant. Your inner work is what makes you whole.

There is a sense of BECOMING, a sense of BEING, right NOW…not STRIVING, but embodying…

The irony is that the less you STRIVE for the status, possessions, material things, all that… the more it seems to be ‘attracted’ to you. This is a very logical result, if you ask me. You simply become a happier person, which becomes attractive. You are able to truly appreciate the success of others, which others can appreciate. Your sincerity and authenticity draws cooperation from others…in person-to-person businesses, for example, this results in strong relationships, repeat clients, referrals… it’s easy to see the impact.

SUCCESS is not trying to get THERE, but is instead BEING THERE NOW

So no matter what your status, where you are in life, what you have or what you don’t have…your SUCCESS is defined by the person you choose to be, right now, at this moment. Work hard when it’s called for, when you are pulled to go after your dreams, go after them.

Some of you will feel the truth in this. Others, possibly in challenging times in their lives, may find it hard to really connect with this message. For others, this may stir a reserved curiosity, possibly of wanting to experience this higher level sense of SUCCESS in your life.

What does imagining yourself as an embodiment of SUCCESS, of BEING THERE NOW, stir in you???

Boy with world in his hands.

3 Lessons For Finding A Meaningful Life…

I recently gave a talk to a class at FIU, Florida International University, in Miami, Florida. The class was “Discovering Your Major”, and was a very interesting topic to me. I had no idea such a class even existed, but I loved the concept because of the intent to teach “meta” information about learning and life.

“Meta Teaching”…Meta-anything is something about something else… just above or outside of it. For example, “meta learning” could be used to describe learning about learning.. or how to learn, how to study.

There is a LOT to growing up that is no longer taught to us by default. Just the basics of what it means to be happy, how to live a happy life, what’s truly important – those lessons are often lacking. We have to try and figure that out for ourselves, but often only once we realize that something is missing.

This is the WISDOM we need in this world. This is the KNOWLEDGE that leads to Happiness.

These life lessons have to do, in many ways, with growing up… coming of age… becoming a meaningful person in life with one’s own identity, a meaningful, positive identity in the world.

BEING COMFORTABLE in your own skin.

These thoughts came to mind as I was reflecting on things after the talk.

Before the talk, I purposefully did not plan out what I was going to say. I wanted to see their faces, read their expressions to see what they were feeling, connect with them where they are in life and let that PULL the message from me.

And what came out were these 3 thought points, and they are just as applicable to all of us at any age as they are to the college students looking for direction…

  1. The image of whom you are striving to be – is it your own?
  2. You can change your life at any time.
  3. When in doubt, find a way to be of service to others.

The Image Of Whom You Are Striving To Be – Is It Your Own?

We all have a vision of whom we’re supposed to be, the person we believe we should be, but who’s vision is it? From birth, we strive to make our parents happy and proud. We learn throughs social interactions and observation of the world around us – whom does everyone else admire and respect, whom do we admire and respect. We might compare ourselves to friends, to siblings, classmates, people we see in the news, movies, marketing, everything… literally everything around is is constantly pumping information into our heads about what we need to do with our lives, whom we need to be, what we should study, what it means to be successful.

I used to wonder what it meant when someone said “I need to find myself,” a common theme during the transitional period of life where some young people travel to “find themselves”. It’s only natural to yearn for independence and respect, to be seen as an individual, an adult, and no longer as a child. I can see the challenge in finding your own path in life when being bombarded by input from outside sources. But…

REMEMBER: You are the one that has to live your life

The advice of the others in our lives is almost always well meaning. It comes from their own experiences in their lives, where they may foresee see pitfalls we can’t because they’ve been there and we haven’t yet. Some of the advice is valid – it may save us from making a catastrophic mistake in life. But also, some of the advice is fear-based, a result of their own personal life experiences melding with their character traits, desire for adventure or stability, following their dreams to the fullest or playing it safe to survive.

The “college” age is that very time where we start to build a NEW self-image, a self-image as an adult, not as a child… a self-image that would ideally be our own, but often is not.

When we build a life based on someone else’s (parents, society’s, etc.) image of whom we should be, our inner desire for our own identity does not go away. That’s why there are so many stories, books, and speakers that all describe something similar – a kind of metamorphosis as they find ‘their purpose’, something that resonates with them on a deeper level, even late in life.

You Can Change Your Life At Any Time

This is a huge concept for ALL aspects of life, not just related to what we choose to study, but also with respect to our friends, relationships, where we live, anything.

This does not mean that we throw in the towel at the first hint of resistance.

But it does mean that when we are able to see clearly that something is not right for us, that we have the power to change. If, as a student, you pick a major and you come to find that it absolutely is NOT what you want to do, it’s OK! Change!

If it takes another semester, or even another year to graduate, that can seem like an eternity at a young age. But what of a life where the entire path is in the wrong direction?

The majority of people stay in unhappy situations, feeling as though there are no options, for years to decades. Most of the ‘barriers’ seen are not barriers, just concepts in our own minds. We stay in bad relationships, we continue working at that unfulfilling job, we are afraid of ‘risk’, or when things are kind of ‘complex’, or when things might impact others, when they might incur the judgement of others. These barriers can be very real.

One of my favorite things to do with people is DESTROY THOSE BARRIERS, literally like a wrecking ball (please no photoshopped images of me like Miley Cyrus). But that’s what I love – questioning everything… Is it REALLY true that you “can’t”?

So this lesson that you can change your life at any time is one of the most important lessons a young person can learn.

Once you see things clearly, and you realize what IS and what IS NOT a barrier to change, that is when you gain control of your life. That is when it is a conscious choice to stay and try to improve your current situation, or when you choose to do something different.

THEN: Knowing that you can change things at any time, fearlessly explore your life

When In Doubt, Find A Way To Be Of Service To Others

  1. When we’re searching for a purpose and coming up with nothing, we can feel disconnected, empty, floating. We may not be able to ‘find’ a purpose, but we can always find a way of helping someone. Helping someone inherently means we’re useful, valuable, and shows that there IS a way that we can contribute to the world in some way – big or small. We literally do get back more than we give. Here’s a great post from Berkeley on how giving is good for you.
  2. When we are ‘helping’, there is a different feel to the arrangement. Somehow, we are not as afraid of failure; there’s nothing to lose. Even if what we do isn’t perfect, it’s almost always well received, rewarded with appreciation. Even the tiniest bit of positive reinforcement is all the spark that some of us need to ignite something deeper inside of us.
  3. When we search for ways to help and choose to show up in a positive way in this world, opportunities seem to arise in unexpected ways. We may be asked to ‘help’ with something that we NEVER would have considered doing. This gives us a change to fearlessly experiment, almost unknowingly wandering out of our comfort zone and into a space of self discovery.
  4. What do you think happens when you combine a fearless exploration, positive reinforcement, appreciation, and repeatedly create space for creative sparks to ignite something inside of us? We may just stumble, almost literally, across our calling… is it serendipity?
  5. You will have made the world that much better for at least one person, maybe many. You may never know how that small act may have changed their day, or even their lives, for the better.

Hoist Your Anchors

We’re just about through the first month of the year already – which underscores the rapid passage of time. You might be feeling the rush of progress, momentum building up, action leading to more action after the start of the new year. Or you might be feeling some frustration from goals set high yet not much progress being made.

Here’s something interesting to think about: You can’t tell what’s holding you back until you start trying to move. So it’s ok if you’re feeling resistance – if things aren’t going as smoothly as you had hoped, and in fact it’s a good thing. It might be your own thoughts or habits holding you back, or people (associations), or time or money factors… it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that you are TRYING TO MOVE…. And you are FINDING YOUR ANCHORS.

Only when you find your anchors can you start to work on, through, or around them – hoisting them so they are no longer restraining your progress.

When you remove one anchor and begin moving again, at some point you might take up all the slack of the next anchor and get yanked to a halt. Again, that is a GOOD THING. You can’t overcome your obstacles until you know what they are.

My life is great, and also very full… My goals are and dreams are big. Big goals and dreams require big action… which requires a LOT of movement. As I started out the new year with new goals and actions for myself, I immediately felt MANY anchors – it was as though they were spread out in all directions with various amounts of slack… There wasn’t much room to move in any direction at first.

BUT…feeling the resistance, and meeting it with inquiry and thinking “I don’t know how I’m going to solve this, but if I were to attempt anything, I might try X”… and I gradually began creating space.

As the bindings loosened, and I hoisted up one anchor… and then another. I felt more and more freedom, confidence, and a sense of momentum.

Action begets more action.

Then I had this thought:

Nothing interesting seems to happen when you’re lazy

Now, I may not have been what anyone would have called ‘lazy’, but compared to what I’m doing now??? Things are getting exciting!

So get moving, even if you don’t go anywhere at first… find your anchors, hoist them one by one… Feed off the energy and momentum, and enjoy this crazy ride we call life!


How To Create Your Own Power Group and 7 Reasons to Do It Now…

Pulling A Power Group Together

With 2016 just around the corner, I wanted to send this out to the universe to help us all kick the new year off with a BANG!

BTW – if you’re interested in doing the same thing I did here and would like some help/advice, you can comment below or message me directly on the Your Higher Level Life Facebook Page.

I’m the kind of person that likes to do things myself when I can – partly because of curiosity (hey, I wonder if I can do that), partly because of lack of trust (e.g. car mechanics), and who knows why else…However, I’m also aware of my own limitations, and how others have helped me – with advice, wisdom, input, ideas, money, connections. Having experienced the power of working with a group of supportive individuals, I craved having that support again.

Here’s how I pulled an amazing group together overnight, and maybe you can use this to do something similar to pull your own like-minded group together to help each other accomplish goals with crazy effectiveness

I decided to bring some of my close friends together to create a ‘Success Mastermind’ meeting. We had done this very thing some time back, maybe 10 years ago now. We’d brainstorm for ideas, bounce ideas off each other, all that good stuff. It was great. Then life set in. One of us moved out to California to work at Apple. Another was working his way up the corporate ladder (now a Senior VP at a major broadcasting company). Others, like me, simply became more busy with life, kids, and just keeping it together. The meetings fizzled.

So I emailed whom was left of my former group, and not much had changed. Everyone liked the idea, but pretty much everyone was busy for one reason or another.

One morning, I was thinking about all the awesome people I’ve connected with over the years, and I figured, why not open it up to anyone that has a positive vibe, that’s interested in being MORE successful (whatever that means to them). That morning, I sent a few texts from home, and then I called a few more people on my drive to work. The responses were amazing…

Me: I’m getting a meetup started…A success mastermind setup…Support group / etc…positive energy and people motivated to have an awesome life – you interested?
Awesome Person 1: Who wouldn’t be [interested]
Me: That answer rocks dude!
Awesome Person 1: Seriously I’m down. That should be anybody and everybody’s answer.

And one of my favorite responses:

Awesome Person 2:“HELL Yeah, I’m interested!”

Less than a week later, we had an initial conference call to kick things off. One of my friends offered his conference room… boom! Awesome location locked down. The next month we had our first meeting. Out of a list of 25 people that were ‘interested’, 10 people showed up. Some couldn’t make it for legitimate reasons, and the rest? Well…perhaps this is just how they’ll continue to show up in life. It’s the group of 10 that showed up that is important. Showing up is the first step, the first filter that separates the do-ers from the do-not-ers. I have to admit I couldn’t have hand-picked a better group out of the 25, or a better size. The group gelled immediately, and found its own vision and path. It was amazing.

It seems to me that 10 people is a perfect size for this sort of thing. More people and the group size becomes unwieldy, there’s not enough time for people to really fully share, and it’s hard to connect with everyone on a deep level. While I don’t have any experience to back this up, it seems like 8 is a great lower bound – ourself plus 7 others. There’s a lot of brain power there, and the group is easily handled by our capacity and time constraints.

After that first meeting, ideas came flooding in on how we can make the most of our time together, how this ‘group think’ could be applied to nearly any purpose, agenda, or goals – either goals for the individual or a common goal amongst the members.

I’m reaching out to the others that couldn’t make the first group to test out getting another monthly group going – possibly with a different intent or purpose based on the needs of those involved. I’m also considering helping start groups with a clear purpose that is a common goal for everyone involved (think something more philanthropic here), and I think it can be powerfully positive

Here’s some fodder for thought – around why a tight ‘Power Group’ can be such an effective agent of action and change:

7 Reasons To Pull Your Own Power Group Together Now

1.) Be more decisive

When faced with a tough decision, we can sometimes be hit with analysis paralysis. At the very least, a tough decision can induce a large amount of stress. Decision Fatigue is a very real thing. Having a partner or group to consult can often lead to a quick decision – even if it’s a light affirmation of your hunches, it can be enough to move you to take action immediately instead of wasting your precious mental energy while attempting to make the best decision.

2.) Be Accountable

It’s all too easy to break promises we make to ourselves. How many times have you kept all (or even some) of your New Year’s resolutions? Having someone as a partner is powerful. The more public and open you are with your commitments, the more likely you are to make a legitimate effort to stick to them. The idea here is the fear of having to publicly admit failure is a force that pushes against the impulse to quit when you encounter a certain amount of resistance or difficulty. A trusted accountability partner can ideally call you on your BS, remind you of WHY you made the commitments, and help you more consciously choose your path of action.

3.) Encouragement

Positive reinforcement is huge. It’s one aspect of the fundamental forces that forge our core behaviors. This, like Being Accountable, is related to our desire for social approval, and hearkens back to the encouragement that we received (or wanted to receive) from our parents or caregivers. A friend telling us “That was AWESOME!”…”I can’t believe you pulled that off!!!” is POWERFUL. How many times have you had something amazing happen, and you couldn’t wait to tell someone… ANYONE…what just happened? Telling someone, and getting that positive feedback, encourages all the effort, work, perseverance, and courage it took for you to MAKE that happen, so you’re more likely to push through future challenges as they come up.

4.) Set Clear Goals

We don’t technically need others to help with this, however, it’s very easy for us to fall into the habit of working ‘toward our dreams’ without clear goals when we aren’t holding ourselves accountable. Working with a partner, coach, or group will force us to get clear with what we truly want… to spell it out. We then see where we are, where we want to go, and what the next steps are to go in the right direction.

5.) Don’t Overlook The Obvious

When we are too close to the problem, it can be hard to be objective. How many times have you been looking for an answer to have someone walk up and point it out in 2 seconds. Again, this can impact our ability to take action – particularly if we’re concerned that we might miss something if we’re not careful. Having someone to quickly confirm that everything looks good – that we’re on the right track can be very useful.

6.) Two Minds Can Be Better Than One

Sometimes we need to be off on our own, letting our minds wander freely without distractions and come up with novel ideas. Other times, we need to take those novel ideas and thoughts out of isolation and share them with others. Bouncing ideas around with people of different backgrounds and disciplines can yield very creative solutions, as, say, people can apply patterns they’ve learned from studying Biology to solving Structural Engineering problems.

7.) Your Network’s Network

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that there is immense power in one’s network. Think about the aspects of your life, including your own creation, that have occurred simply because of a chance encounter between two individuals. If you read the life stories of any highly successful person you will find that their lives are what they are in large part because of the people in that person’s life, and people they knew. A simple concrete example is comparing two job applicants – one applies through the standard channels on a company website (along with 10,000 others), and another applicant knows someone at the company that personally recommends him/her to the hiring manager… BOOM, applicant 2 wins every time!

So – who do you know, and what is YOUR Power Group going to accomplish together in 2016?


Without this, Dreams and Ideas are worthless…

I was talking to a few friends of mine recently about getting a group together … a “Success Mastermind Group”, and the topic came up around how we could protect ideas.

The thing is … and I learned this from a major rockstar startup founder… taking an idea and making it into a business is really, REALLY, freakin’ hard.  It’s so hard that you can take an idea, and share it with the world…and all the best startup founders…and it still may never amount to anything.

What makes an idea valuable?  Action.

An idea without action is just a temporary blip of neurons firing in your brain – and then it’s gone… maybe a memory.

Same thing goes for your DREAMS.  Dreams are just thoughts or ideas related to YOU or something you care about.

Dreams of what could be, what you could do, what you could become.

Dreams without action are just more temporary blips of neurons firing in YOUR brain…

The only way to make your dreams real is… you guessed it… Action.

More specifically… YOU… YOU TAKING ACTION.

There’s an interesting twist.  You don’t have to be striving toward YOUR OWN GOAL in order to take action and be successful.

You don’t have to wait for the right idea.  You don’t have to wait to believe in your dreams.

I recently read The Surrender Experiment, by Michael A. Singer.

Here’s about the shortest summary I can muster:

Michael Singer went from living in a van parked by a lake, by choice, with the only intention of meditating and practicing yoga in order to find enlightenment.  When some kind of opportunity was presented to him, or there was some kind of congruency he picked up on, he followed it curiously.  It was not always in alignment with HIS thoughts about where HE wanted to go, but he chose to let go.. to surrender…with the feeling that something higher… life.. God…something was leading the unfolding.  Life was living through him, instead of him trying to impose his will on life.  The book is a page turner of what others would chalk up to coincidence, where his surrendering to life took him from homeless to CEO of a $300M company.  He went from camping on someone else’s land, to owning over 900 acres surrounding the area where he used to live in his van.

None of his success and amazing life stories came from his ambition to fulfill something for himself.  His only dream was to reach enlightenment and serve the purpose life put in front of him.

That’s the most amazing twist on things – he took Action to follow life’s intention.

Does this mean that you cannot follow your dreams or work to make ideas become a reality?  Of course not.  Who’s to say that your thoughts and dreams are not part of life’s (or God’s) overall intention?

Your dreams can be a source of passion… an energy to help drive you overcome the challenges you’ll face in life.

In the end, action is what matters.  It’s the bridge between your ideas and life.  Action is the ability you have to manifest your ideas.

So … what dreams do you have… what amazing ideas are waiting… waiting for you to make them real?

I Am The World

Be Limitless!

What limits are holding you back right now?  What limiting thoughts, behaviors, beliefs?  Where do they come from – your own mind? Another person’s voice?  Past experiences, or what you’ve seen others do or not do?

Repeat this to yourself right now, and whenever you hear any limiting thoughts:


We’ve all had those moments of doubt, but we’ve also had those moments of accomplishment and success.  We’ve all felt that elation when we were unsure of ourselves, but we persevered and succeeded in spite of our doubts. We’ve surprised ourselves!

As children we begin to see a pattern, the pattern where we don’t yet KNOW that we can do something, but we try anyways…and sometimes we succeed…sometimes we fail.  For some of us, the pattern is predominantly negative.  We become afraid of failure, afraid of being ridiculed.  Others of us begin to feed on the elation of success. Throughout our lives these patterns become reinforced – by our employers, significant others, family members.

These ‘patterned’ limits become our internal thermostat.  They direct our everyday decisions. They are deep in our subconscious, and direct our behaviors behind the scenes trying to protect us from ourselves. The act of procrastination is a very good example… perhaps you never got around to sending in that job application – you were “too busy”, or somehow it slipped your mind… when in fact, that was simply some part of your own mind avoiding the pain of failure that it was falsely predicting.

Repeat this right now:

“I am safe to make my own decisions and my own choices, and I will not limit myself.  I know that my happiness is in my true freedom to choose my own destiny.”

There are countless examples of limitations imposed by the human mind.  One of the most widely known examples is when the world believed it was impossible for any human to run a mile in under 4 minutes.  After an eternity of trying, Roger Bannister finally proved that it was possible.  Then, as if an invisible barrier had been shattered in the minds of the world, within a year another runner repeated the feat… And later another, and another.  How is that possible?  Did the WORLD become faster overnight?  Yes and No.  Physically the runners were the same.  What changed?  The limit in their minds had been removed.

From the very small daily decisions we make, to the life changing… every action we take is governed and throttled by our own internal “thermostat” of what we believe is possible.  While it makes sense to avoid wasting our time on something futile, more often than not the important decisions are in that gray area of the unknown where both failure AND success reside.

Make a commitment to constantly challenge your own beliefs of what is and what is not possible. Push yourself. Inch that thermostat up a tiny notch at first…. and then another… and another. Will you endure failures?  Of course!  That is not only ok, that’s how you know you’re REALLY doing it right!

If you never fail, you are not living anywhere near your true potential for SUCCESS.

You will learn to appreciate how fear and doubt will be transformed into wonder and possibility… that sense of “What if?”. You will no longer see the shadows, you’ll see the light. You will no longer see the chance of failure, you will see the path to success.

You will begin to realize that there are no true limits… that you can achieve way more than you’ve ever dreamed possible… that you truly are LIMITLESS!


Do Your Best

Whatever you’re doing, do your best.  Give doing your best some thought.  Do your best at everything.  Do your best to take care of yourself.  Do your best to care about and help others.  Do your best at work, do your best for your family.

Do your best to accept that your best will never be perfect.  Don’t beat yourself up because you think you should have done better.

Do your best refers to what you’re doing right NOW, not what you did or how you did yesterday.  Likewise, don’t worry about how you might do tomorrow.

Doing your best means you can relax in the knowing that you DID your best, and that what will happen will happen.  Whatever the result from the mix of things within your control and without your control will be what it will be – and you did your best.

If you haven’t been doing your best, it’s ok because that’s in the past.  Do your best NOW.  As you begin to do your best you can relax, a weight will be lifted in your mind and in your heart and you will be able to accept whatever comes of it – good or bad or great.

Do your best for yourself – that is more than enough for anything else.  If you believe in God, doing your best is the highest form of worship – making the best of the life that you’ve been gifted.

Now…Do your best…Now


Back 2 Basics – 12 Steps To A Foundation For Success

Firstly, what I’m going to advise you to do, you already know.  So why do you need to hear it all again?  Simply put:

You are either ALREADY DOING all the things I’m going to tell or you’re not – and if you’re not, you don’t have a SOLID FOUNDATION for success.

Without the basics, it will be very difficult to be successful, and very difficult to maintain success if you do get lucky.  With the basics, you’ll be HEALTHIER, HAPPIER, and BALANCED.

Obstacles that were once in your way will gradually disappear, and things will start to fall into place as if they were meant to be.

You’re going to receive 12 posts that will give you specific things to consider.  If you’re already in alignment with the advice, give yourself a pat on the back.  If you’ve been “in alignment” for less than a year in any of the areas – then use this information to reinforce your new behaviors so you don’t regress.

Some advice as you read the posts and try to make any changes in your life:

  1. Set reasonable goals.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  This isn’t a race.
  2. Go easy on yourself.  If you slip up, it’s ok.  Simply think about what happened – why you slipped up, and try to find a creative way to help yourself not slip up the next time.
  3. Enlist others for support. friends, family… talk to them about what you are trying to do.  For those of you that are on your own – be strong in the beginning and you’ll attract support as people see changes in you.

Interestingly enough, if you’re already doing all the basics right – you WILL be happy – and for some of you, this will be enough to find peace, happiness, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Some of you will have aspirations for more based on lifelong dreams, the need to provide for your family, or maybe the desire to help others.  Don’t fret.  Once we have our foundation underway, we’ll immediately start on the 6 Key Steps to Build Up Your Life.

Here’s a hint on Step 12 – Help Others.  Start by sharing this with those you care about – friends, family, loved ones.

Also, the easiest way to receive the new posts and updates is by liking the Your Higher Level Life! page on Facebook.