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I was very distressed to hear that Scott Dinsmore, the creator of Live Your Legend, has passed.  I remember when I stumbled across his TED talk: How to find and do work you love, where he opened up about the beginnings of Live Your Legend.  I was inspired…his ted talk played a large part in my finding my own way to help empower others to find meaningful lives.

Scott recently began world tour with his wife, Chelsea… and they were sharing their adventures with the world…real adventures – desert crossing, tents… bonding with locals everywhere and spreading happiness in the process.

The information seems to point to an accident while climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, something I had wanted to do some 20 years ago, but still never have.

The only saving grace that I can fathom is that he lived more in just the past few months of his life, and touched the lives of others, more than most of us will do in our lifetime.

I feel deeply for his wife and the family he has left behind.

He has impacted countless people around the world in such positive ways, and his positive energy will live on and continue to change lives for the better.

Scott Dinsmore was truly an inspiration for how to live life.


7 thoughts on “Scott Dinsmore – Live Your Legend

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  2. Laura Beth

    You’ve said it perfectly.

    Scott was an inspiration to thousands of people. Maybe he didn’t even realize how many of us he impacted. I also started my blog, in large part, because of the motivation and inspiration from Live Your Legend.

    It is sad, and shocking. Thanks for your post.

    Laura Beth

    1. cary Post author

      Thank you for sharing… If we consider the lives he changed directly or indirectly through others…the people they have helped, the family lives that have been changed, and the children that have learned important life lessons from parents that have chosen to live their own legend, the number has to be astronomical…

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