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Want to know what to do to get unstuck?  Want to change something in your life?  Want to just get started and don’t know how?  Afraid of rejection, failure, being laughed at, made fun of…afraid of getting hurt, not succeeding.  Fear is debilitating, crippling, paralyzing.  Why?  First of all, if it weren’t we’d all be too damned reckless and our species would probably have died off a long time ago.  You’re mentally and physically wired up to literally become paralyzed when struck with enough fear.

You MUST become aware of this.

Think about something you’re afraid of….maybe it’s a fear of heights… maybe it’s a fear of public speaking…maybe it’s a fear of dogs, or confined spaces, or being alone or helpless.  Find something for you that makes you truly afraid.  Picture yourself up on the ledge of a 90 story building – wind blowing… trying to look over the edge without falling… and an unexpected gust hits your back and…… you’re unable to keep from going over the edge… Your body dumps adrenaline into your bloodstream, your mind races, you get tunnel vision – you freeze, or panic and flail.. you scream.

Really get into the state of mind and body that it’s happening – really feel it.  Feel the instant wave of weakness that hits your arms and legs – the feeling in your stomach as you begin to feel the sensation of vertigo – of falling.

Why is it SO IMPORTANT for you to really feel what I described above?  You have to learn to detect it… to sense it… to feel it in yourself.  If you don’t know what it is, you won’t know how to recognize it.  You need to fine-tune your self awareness so that whenever the sensation hits you, you challenge it… if it’s not warranted (i.e. unless there’s a very real lion about to pounce on your back), get control of yourself and if that fear is holding you back from success – challenge that fear!

I’m not trying to get you past your fear of heights.  That’s not what this is about.  I’m trying to help you find, with pinpoint accuracy, the areas of your life that you MUST work on to succeed.  If “Doing Different” is what you want, you need to see what is currently controlling your behavior.  You need to understand WHY you keep making the same mistakes… WHY you keep procrastinating… WHY you’re NOT ***TAKING ACTION***.

Now that you know what ‘feeling’ inside yourself… inside your mind and body… that you need to keep an eye out for, catch yourself when you feel that fear and figure out what, exactly, is causing it.  The fear can come from anything – having to speak up on a conference call, having to converse with a stranger (a guy trying to pick up a girl he’s attracted to, or a girl being approached by a guy she finds attractive), even little things like avoiding confrontation – like having to return an item and you don’t have the receipt.  Maybe it’s talking to a loved one about something important that you’re afraid may impact your relationship (fear of being alone / of loss).

Here’s the hard part… don’t even keep reading if you’re happy with your “status quo”… Since you’re reading this in the first place, my guess is you WANT CHANGE.

If you want the life of your dreams… happy relationships… financial success.

Your fears are the compass for how to get to where you want to go

(feel free to quote me on that – it sounds good, doesn’t it?)

If you want to fast-track yourself – take your biggest fear… turn towards it – face it square on… and charge at it like your life depends on it.  Do whatever it takes… Public speaking?  Join toastmasters… speak in groups, build up confidence.  Fear of failure?  Best way to beat that is to fail until you succeed.

Rinse and repeat.

Your mounting successes will replace fear with excitement… paralysis with action…weakness with confidence.  Like this guy:


This will lead to the most empowering and liberating changes you’ve ever had in your life.

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