Hoist Your Anchors

We’re just about through the first month of the year already – which underscores the rapid passage of time. You might be feeling the rush of progress, momentum building up, action leading to more action after the start of the new year. Or you might be feeling some frustration from goals set high yet not much progress being made.

Here’s something interesting to think about: You can’t tell what’s holding you back until you start trying to move. So it’s ok if you’re feeling resistance – if things aren’t going as smoothly as you had hoped, and in fact it’s a good thing. It might be your own thoughts or habits holding you back, or people (associations), or time or money factors… it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that you are TRYING TO MOVE…. And you are FINDING YOUR ANCHORS.

Only when you find your anchors can you start to work on, through, or around them – hoisting them so they are no longer restraining your progress.

When you remove one anchor and begin moving again, at some point you might take up all the slack of the next anchor and get yanked to a halt. Again, that is a GOOD THING. You can’t overcome your obstacles until you know what they are.

My life is great, and also very full… My goals are and dreams are big. Big goals and dreams require big action… which requires a LOT of movement. As I started out the new year with new goals and actions for myself, I immediately felt MANY anchors – it was as though they were spread out in all directions with various amounts of slack… There wasn’t much room to move in any direction at first.

BUT…feeling the resistance, and meeting it with inquiry and thinking “I don’t know how I’m going to solve this, but if I were to attempt anything, I might try X”… and I gradually began creating space.

As the bindings loosened, and I hoisted up one anchor… and then another. I felt more and more freedom, confidence, and a sense of momentum.

Action begets more action.

Then I had this thought:

Nothing interesting seems to happen when you’re lazy

Now, I may not have been what anyone would have called ‘lazy’, but compared to what I’m doing now??? Things are getting exciting!

So get moving, even if you don’t go anywhere at first… find your anchors, hoist them one by one… Feed off the energy and momentum, and enjoy this crazy ride we call life!

2 thoughts on “Hoist Your Anchors

  1. Shirley Bakker

    Cary, I loved reading this. I think it is just about one of the best, while being the easiest informational articles to help people who find themselves in a rut,
    sometimes so hugh , they give up on their ideas of possible growth with an idea that if treated as you put it with the anchors, could or would have become a great success, whatever it might have been .
    Your dad is a perfect example of this . We’ve sure had our share of anchors to pull up, but it works by not giving in to failure.
    If your help is followed, many people will be helped.

    1. Cary Bakker Post author

      Love you too Moms! And you can still call me Alan here too 😉 You and Pops are the ones that sparked all of this amazingly optimistic positivity, so I’m glad you liked this post… And I hope you recognize a bit of yourselves in the reflection :) Love you both, Alan


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